Salsa, My Spice on Promoting

salsa sauce

I’m not talking about the sauce, although I love the hot and spicy kind. I am referring to Salsa music and dancing. If you’re familiar with Latin American music, then you’ve probably heard that “call-and-response” chorus of a song. The call-and-response pattern is common in music. Usually, there are different musicians who perform two distinct phrases, and the second phrase answers the first.

I chose to use Salsa as an example, because this particular music gets me dancing. My first novel, Consonance, has many references to songs and music terminology. In fact, one of the main influences in writing the story is my love for music.

The art of dancing is another way of expressing an appreciation for music. If you know how to Salsa dance, or have watched everyone dancing at the Latin clubs, it’s easy to see why this style of dance is exciting. Salsa is full of high energy, composed of foot patterns, leg work, timing, and body movements just to mention a few.

Marketing a book is not as fun as listening or dancing to Salsa in my opinion. Yet I wanted to incorporate the characteristics of Salsa music and dance to the idea of promoting. Simply phrased, I am calling for the audience to respond to a question, “What is Consonance about?” The only way to answer my call is to find out.

Let me kick it into high gear, and throw in some spice with a dance. I did my share of legwork by participating in a book blog tour. This required me to answer interview questions and write many guest posts on several tour hosts’ websites. It was tiring but exciting at the same time. The questions were all interesting, and the guest posts were a challenge.

Like the different styles of Salsa, they’re challenging to do. If one loves the art of dance, then he/she will perform to the best of his/her ability. The platforms of the various tour hosts entailed me to switch up the foot patterns and body movements, and write something worthwhile for their blog.

Similar to music, if a person loves the songs, that person will listen and sing their favorites. I’m hoping my interview answers and guest posts are well-received by the tour hosts and their followers. Maybe this will prompt readers to buy Consonance and hopefully, the book becomes a favorite. A girl can dream, and this is mine.

However, my book promotion doesn’t end when the tour finishes, which brings me back to the call-and-response question for Consonance. Look at the book blurb and excerpt. Learn why the rock group, Dia-Matic Keys, is intriguing to some readers. Discover or rediscover life from the tender age of eighteen. All the demands of school and a band, coupled with friendships and loved ones, impose a decision that can change everything for one unique college student.

Like the call-and-response chorus in music, sing with me. Similar to those common three steps or points of Salsa, dance with me. First, consider buying the book. Second, put your feet up and enjoy the story. Third, if you like the novel, spread the word. Word of mouth is a great form of promotion, and a wonderful compliment to an author.

Perhaps you’ll want to follow me throughout the Dia-Matic Keys series. Maybe reading this post is enough to stir your interest. Either way, I’ll appreciate any show of support, whether it’s telling me your favorite songs, or dance style, or if you also like eating Salsa: the spicy kind.


I want to thank Literary Quill Promotions for arranging the Consonance Book Blast Tour, and all the tour hosts for having me as a quest.


About Lisa Malabanan

I am a graduate of Rutgers College of Nursing and work as a Professional Registered Nurse in the field of Perinatology. I currently live in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania with my husband and two children. At the age of six, I discovered piano and classical music. A variety of music genres influenced my life through the years, and I’m passing on a love of the arts to my daughter and son. Reading fiction is my escape from the chaos and stress of a demanding yet rewarding profession. For me, writing transcends the diversion of a good book. The experience is like commuting on a New York City subway; diverse people enter and exit the scene, sometimes delays and derailment occur during creativity, and a train of thought is missed or passed over on occasion. In the end, an arrival at my destination is what I hope to accomplish, and I invite readers to take that ride with me. View all posts by Lisa Malabanan

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