Typhoon Haiyan – What is my pledge?

It’s easy to be disconnected from the other side of the world. Perhaps the reason is life proceeding in a different time zone and country. Yet the irony is how one’s devastation miles away can put some real perspective into your own life. That’s when you realize your life isn’t so bad. What little you have, is more than enough to satisfy your needs. That God can give so much, but He can also take everything away. When the worst didn’t happen to you, the word gratitude takes on a significant meaning.

Stronger PH photo

It’s been a week since Super Typhoon Haiyan hit the Central Philippines, leaving absolute destruction in its path. Millions of people are homeless, starving, sick, and dying. What is distressing is that many Filipinos are left feeling hopeless. Most have lost their family and friends. They have nowhere to go. Everyone is searching and praying for aid, water, food, medicine, and shelter.

In a way, I’m left with feelings of helplessness. I wish I could offer more than just money and my prayers to the victims. The news coverage of this major disaster is difficult for me to watch. I am from the Philippines. Even though my family over there is safe, the rest of my people are struggling to survive.

For several Filipinos, the term family is highly valued, meaning all Filipinos are like family. It’s a sense of unity. So I am deeply affected by this tragedy.

I don’t have to watch the details about this natural disaster to understand the damage and despair. The Filipinos in the hard-hit areas are surrounded by it. I see the pain in their faces. I hear the agony in their cries, and the desperation in their pleas. I simply feel for them.

Filipinos are a people with great determination, pride, as well as appreciation. If we can uproot ourselves and form a way of life in other countries, then we can certainly rebuild our homeland. Thank you to all who have helped with disaster relief for the Philippines.

It doesn’t matter if you give a lot or a little, the point is that you are giving. What you donate will be forever appreciated because you’re delivering more than basic aid. Your gift is that of humanity. It’s a gift that ensures strength and survival for many Filipinos. But most of all, your gift will provide millions with hope, and the rebirth of life.

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