Harmony – James’ Movement

I’ve been quiet for the month of August and there’s a good reason. My second installment of the Dia-Matic Keys Series needed editing and copy-editing after a few revisions. The copy-editing took longer than expected. I wanted to enjoy what was left of the summer with my family.

So I want to thank all my beta readers, and all the wonderful musicians who gave me insight about playing the bass. Without your advice, I could not have shined the much deserved spotlight on James.

Shutterstock image 92659966

Shutterstock image 92659966

Everything seems to be falling apart for James Roberts. It’s time for Dia-Matic Keys to record their debut album, yet there is no band to record one. A bad decision affects the group and James pays the price. Everyone depends on him to save the day. But what happens if he can’t even save himself?

James is the bassist and leader of Dia-Matic Keys. Of course, being a strong leader means taking on responsibilities. For every action, there’s a consequence. Right now, nobody in the band wants to follow him. When James makes a difficult choice to sacrifice love for a chance at fame, the group’s recording contract is at stake. Elle no longer wants to be part of the band, and James is at fault. Without her, there is no Dia-Matic Keys. Relationships and friendships are about to end if he doesn’t make amends. James must fight to redeem himself, especially to Elle.

Secrets and betrayal are dividing the group. James struggles with his own fears, desires, and loyalties to prove his worth as a leader, a brother, and a friend. Will he gain the band’s respect once more? Can James win back Elle’s love?

It’s been a long journey to discover James for the amazing character he really is. So I hope you want to get to know him as well.

Harmony is now available:



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I am a graduate of Rutgers College of Nursing and work as a Professional Registered Nurse in the field of Perinatology. I currently live in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania with my husband and two children. At the age of six, I discovered piano and classical music. A variety of music genres influenced my life through the years, and I’m passing on a love of the arts to my daughter and son. Reading fiction is my escape from the chaos and stress of a demanding yet rewarding profession. For me, writing transcends the diversion of a good book. The experience is like commuting on a New York City subway; diverse people enter and exit the scene, sometimes delays and derailment occur during creativity, and a train of thought is missed or passed over on occasion. In the end, an arrival at my destination is what I hope to accomplish, and I invite readers to take that ride with me. View all posts by Lisa Malabanan

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