Dia-Matic Keys

Stage Prep

I’m a new writer, but my main profession is nursing. I learned so much from interacting with my patients, colleagues, department managers, and other medical professionals. All the different personalities, cultures, and religions played a major role in how I communicated with people.

I am gradually learning the various sides of human emotion. This helps me to understand and interact with a person through words, touch, observation, and/or humor. Those actions allowed me to empathize and sympathize with individuals who come into and out of my life within days, weeks, and months at a time.

These experiences influence my writing, and my tagline says it all. The love for my family and music inspires me to write. I have many music instruments: upright and electric piano, acoustic and electric guitars, electric bass, clarinet, and violin. Sadly, I don’t have a drum set and the rest of the instruments are slowly being neglected. I often imagine what they would sound like with people playing them out of joy. So I brought them to life with a story.

I want to show my instruments the same adoration I give to my family. I created a fictional rock band. Bringing those instruments to life wasn’t enough. So I gave them personalities. The five band members have a mix of qualities from my husband, daughter, and son, including myself.

Music is like a book to me. It transports me to a different place and time. Just like songs are an escape from the everyday demands of life, writing gives me the same enjoyment.

My family is my heart and soul, my joy and strength, and most important, my loves. The five main characters in my stories have become a part of my family. So I would love for you to get to know these unique individuals personally. I want others to connect with them, to befriend them, to feel for them, to root for them, to laugh and cry with them, and to love them, just as much as I do.


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